Support The ACTEC Foundation 2024 Longest Drive Challenge

Support Jockey Kathy Sherby Riding Keeps on Giving
Created by: Sherby, Kathleen
Status: Closed

$ 3,805.00
Goal$ 2,200.00

As a member of the Board of Regents from Colorado, I am proud to represent the Rocky Mountain Region in The ACTEC Foundations Longest Drive Challenge 2024! I am competing against Regents from the other seven ACTEC Regions to wear the Green Jacket and of course for the bragging rights and all the glory for the Rocky Mountain Region for the next year! You can drive me onto the green and to the win by donating to my individual fundraising goal of $4,375!


Not only will you help me win the Green Jacket, your donation to the Longest Drive Challenge will help The ACTEC Foundation fund scholarship and education in the trusts and estates practice. The Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition, the Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders Program, and ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk podcasts are some of the programs The ACTEC Foundation supports. Your support will keep these initiatives viable.


Every dollar you donate propels my ball farther down the fairway! Keep your eye on the leaderboard and watch your email for updates every Wednesday you can identify me by my colorful RED golf shirt!


May the best golfer (me, naturally) win!

Gallant, Keith$ 100.0006/18/20201461 dMott, Peter$ 50.0006/17/20201462 dPark, Benetta$ 100.0006/17/20201462 dGriffin, LInda$ 100.0006/17/20201462 dWillms, Melissa$ 50.0006/17/20201462 dHayes, Eric$ 250.0006/17/20201462 dChoate, Natalie$ 250.0006/17/20201462 dOgburn, Rudy$ 100.0006/17/20201462 dottaway, cynda$ 100.0006/17/20201462 dConetta, Tami$ 100.0006/17/20201462 dDitelberg, Jane$ 25.0006/17/20201463 dGorin, Steve$ 100.0006/17/20201463 dAnonymous$ 500.0006/17/20201463 dStanley, Doug$ 100.0006/16/20201463 dChallis, John$ 100.0006/15/20201464 dKovar, Shirley$ 500.0006/11/20201468 dKembell, Emily$ 50.0006/11/20201468 dYoung, Dan$ 50.0006/11/20201468 dLoPrete, Robert$ 50.0006/10/20201469 dWheeler, Daniel$ 100.0006/10/20201469 dFriedman, Patricia$ 100.0006/10/20201469 dDavis, Mickey$ 50.0006/10/20201470 dMcKinnon, Deb$ 50.0006/09/20201470 dTrytten, Steve$ 100.0006/06/20201473 dGerstner, Karen$ 100.0006/05/20201474 dBarks, Shannon$ 50.0006/05/20201474 dOsborne, Duncan$ 5.0006/03/20201476 dWill, Robert$ 25.0005/27/20201483 dSherby, Kathleen$ 500.0005/27/20201483 dButters, Sarah$ 50.0005/27/20201483 d

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