Support The ACTEC Foundation Longest Drive Challenge

Support Jockey John Rogers Riding Hope Springs Eternal
Created by: Rogers, John
Status: Closed

$ 3,310.00
Goal$ 2,200.00

As a member of The ACTEC Foundation's Executive Committee, I am proud to virtually "ride" in The first Annual ACTEC Foundation Spring Derby! While the Kentucky Derby is the longest-running sporting event in the United States, this special ACTEC Foundation Derby is a historic first, and by supporting this jockey you can be a part of history. Help me Run for the Cup to support The ACTEC Foundation! I'll be riding Hope Springs Eternal in the first Annual ACTEC Foundation Spring Derby.


The Derby will help The ACTEC Foundation fund scholarship and education in the trusts and estates practice. The Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition, the Student Editorial Board of the ACTEC Law Journal at Hofstra University and the Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders Program are just three of the important initiatives your "bet" will keep active.


Every $1 you donate moves Hope Springs Eternal one yard closer to the Winner's Circle! Hope Springs Eternal, #9, can be identified by my blue and yellow silks. I'm looking forward to claiming the first Foundation Derby Cup with your support! If I win, I will not only claim the first-ever Foundation Mint Julep cup, but also bragging rights for the year. Help your jockey win the Derby with a donation today!

klomparens, robin$ 100.0006/20/20201352 dGoodwin , James$ 100.0006/18/20201354 dMott, Peter$ 50.0006/17/20201355 dRogers, John$ 250.0006/17/20201355 dWillms, Melissa$ 50.0006/17/20201356 dCaughman, Rita$ 100.0006/17/20201356 dedwards, david$ 100.0006/17/20201356 dDonohue, P$ 250.0006/17/20201356 dPotts, Tracy$ 100.0006/17/20201356 dCuller, Patty$ 30.0006/17/20201356 dOsborne, Duncan$ 50.0006/17/20201356 dAnonymous$ 500.0006/17/20201356 dAnonymous$ 500.0006/17/20201356 dKinyon, Richard$ 100.0006/12/20201361 dAscher, Yvonne$ 100.0006/11/20201361 dReimann, Nancy$ 100.0006/11/20201362 dCafferata, Reynolds$ 50.0006/11/20201362 dBraman, Donna$ 50.0006/11/20201362 dMiller, Justin$ 100.0006/10/20201362 dEstes, Tommy$ 100.0006/10/20201362 dDavis, Mickey$ 50.0006/10/20201363 dAkins, David$ 100.0006/05/20201368 dGriswold, Rhonda$ 100.0006/04/20201368 dWalsh, Suzanne $ 25.0006/04/20201368 dOsborne, Duncan$ 5.0006/03/20201370 dMignogna, Steven$ 100.0005/29/20201375 dPrather, Ray$ 100.0005/27/20201377 dTemmerman, Robert$ 50.0005/27/20201377 d

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