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Support The ACTEC Foundation 2022 Spring Derby

Support Jockey Lora Davis Riding The Patriot Gissel
Created by: Davis, Lora
Status: Closed

$ 13,150.00
Goal$ 2,200.00

As a new member of The ACTEC Foundation's Board of Directors, I am proud to virtually ride in the L. Henry Gissel, Jr. Race of the Yearlings in honor of our Past President! While the Kentucky Derby is the longest-running sporting event in the United States, this 2nd annual Derby demonstrates the spirit of the ACTEC community. Help me Run for the Cup to support The ACTEC Foundation! I'll be riding The Patriot Gissel as a special tribute to Henry and hope that you will each be able to help my start to be as fast as the patriot missile on the opening bell.

The Derby will help The ACTEC Foundation fund scholarship and education in the trusts and estates practice. The Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition, the Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders Program, ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk and the new monthly video series - Planning for a Diverse and Equitable Future are just a few of the programs the Derby will support. Your bet will keep these initiatives viable.

Every $1 you donate moves The Patriot Gissel one yard closer to the Winners Circle! The Patriot Gissel, with Henry's favorite #83, can be identified by the patriotic silks and missile. I'm looking forward to claiming the second Foundation Derby Cup with your support!

Please help The Patriot Gissel win the ACTEC Derby's 2021 Race of the Yearlings with your donation, no matter how large or small, today!

McCulloch, Cameron$ 1,000.0005/07/2021378 dGreen, Tina$ 250.0005/03/2021381 dWilliams, James$ 1,000.0005/03/2021381 dAmann, Leslie$ 100.0005/03/2021381 dMoore, Janet$ 500.0005/03/2021381 dDavis, Marty$ 100.0005/03/2021381 dDavis, Alan$ 250.0005/03/2021381 dWolff Jr, Harry$ 100.0005/03/2021381 dmyers, jeffrey$ 250.0005/03/2021381 dWeylandt, Robert$ 500.0005/03/2021381 dMcCarthy, Dan$ 500.0005/03/2021381 dDavis, Glenn$ 100.0005/03/2021381 dBrown, Keri$ 100.0005/03/2021381 dMoorman, R. Hal$ 250.0005/03/2021382 dDavenport, Erwin $ 100.0004/30/2021384 dPargaman, William$ 100.0004/30/2021384 dGerstner, Karen$ 100.0004/30/2021384 dElsom, Kristi$ 100.0004/30/2021384 dbrink, rhonda$ 100.0004/30/2021384 dCox, Debbie$ 250.0004/28/2021386 dBraman, Donna$ 100.0004/28/2021386 dMoore, Janet$ 250.0004/28/2021386 dHarris, T Randolph$ 100.0004/28/2021386 dBeyer, Gerry$ 100.0004/28/2021386 dOttaway, cynda$ 100.0004/28/2021386 dYee, Randall$ 100.0004/23/2021391 dROGERS, JOHN$ 200.0004/23/2021391 dKoenig, Rodney$ 500.0004/22/2021393 dGordon, Peter$ 200.0004/22/2021393 dedwards, david$ 500.0004/21/2021393 dFankhauser, Mark$ 100.0004/21/2021393 dAkinc, Katherine$ 50.0004/16/2021399 dRussell, Hollis$ 200.0004/16/2021399 dAucutt, Ronald$ 250.0004/15/2021399 dGerstner, Karen$ 100.0004/15/2021399 dSassin, Lynn$ 100.0004/14/2021400 dAbbott, Susan$ 50.0004/14/2021401 dStephenson, Laurel$ 500.0004/13/2021401 dStanton, Lois$ 100.0004/11/2021403 dAnonymous$ 150.0004/10/2021404 dMCKINNON, DEBORAH$ 50.0004/08/2021406 dThede, Jeffrey$ 100.0004/08/2021406 dMiller, Justin$ 100.0004/07/2021407 dDavis, Mickey$ 500.0004/06/2021408 dWillms, Melissa$ 500.0004/06/2021408 dLanga, Melissa$ 100.0004/05/2021409 dMcCarthy, Dan$ 250.0004/05/2021409 dDeVlieger, Tracy$ 100.0004/05/2021409 dShirkey, Jennifer$ 100.0004/05/2021409 dAghdami, Farhad$ 100.0004/04/2021410 dAdams, Craig $ 250.0004/03/2021411 dCushing, George$ 250.0004/02/2021412 dCaughman, Rita$ 100.0004/02/2021412 dHenry, Kelly$ 50.0004/02/2021413 dAkers, Steve$ 100.0004/02/2021413 dWolff, Harry$ 50.0004/02/2021413 dWakeman, Christine$ 50.0004/01/2021413 dMontgomery, Janet$ 25.0004/01/2021413 dHopper, Craig$ 250.0004/01/2021413 dAmann, Leslie$ 100.0004/01/2021413 dJetel, Amy$ 50.0004/01/2021413 dBarks, Shannon$ 50.0004/01/2021413 dBurns, Ann$ 100.0004/01/2021413 dUpchurch, Laura$ 100.0004/01/2021413 dAnderson, Barbara$ 25.0004/01/2021413 dAnonymous$ 200.0003/26/2021420 d

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