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Support Jockey Farhad Aghdami on Sweet Virginia
Created by: Aghdami, Farhad
Status: Closed

$ 7,150.00
Goal$ 3,000.00

The Southern Region's Sweet Virginia 

Sweet Virginia is counting on Fellows from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia to back this southern stallion. 


The Derby will help The ACTEC Foundation fund scholarship and education in the trusts and estates practice. The Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition, the Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders Program, ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk and the monthly video series - Planning for a Diverse and Equitable Future - are just a few of the programs the Derby will support. Your bet will keep these initiatives viable.


Every $1 you donate moves Sweet Virginia one yard closer to the Winners Circle! Sweet Virginia, #17, can be identified by the orange and blue silks. I'm looking forward to claiming the third Foundation Derby Cup with your support!


Please help Sweet Virginia win the ACTEC Derby's 2022 Race of the Regions with your donation, no matter how large or small, today!


Kennedy, Catherine$ 100.0005/19/2022702 dZeydel, Diana$ 50.0005/19/2022702 dMcKinnon, Deb$ 50.0005/19/2022702 dBeller, Amy$ 250.0005/18/2022703 dBOKOR, BRUCE$ 500.0005/18/2022703 dJohnson, W.$ 100.0005/11/2022710 dNorvell, Holly$ 150.0005/10/2022711 dAucutt, Ronald$ 250.0005/06/2022715 dCox III, James$ 100.0005/05/2022716 dAckerly, Maureen$ 100.0005/05/2022716 dDetzel, Lauren$ 250.0005/04/2022716 dSommer, Kurt$ 500.0005/04/2022716 dRUSSELL, DEBORAH$ 250.0005/04/2022717 dStashis, Alfred$ 200.0005/01/2022720 dSojourner, David$ 100.0004/29/2022722 dDjuric, Nikola$ 250.0004/29/2022722 dTansill , Frederick $ 100.0004/28/2022722 dAllevato, John$ 250.0004/28/2022722 dFox, Skip$ 100.0004/28/2022722 dHook, Andrew$ 100.0004/28/2022723 dStogner, Kimberly$ 250.0004/28/2022723 dMidgett, John$ 100.0004/28/2022723 dFoster, Debra$ 100.0004/28/2022723 dMurray, Bill$ 100.0004/28/2022723 dStockburger, Bruce$ 250.0004/28/2022723 dPiersall, Christine$ 250.0004/28/2022723 dGrigg, Virginia$ 100.0004/28/2022723 dCarter, Jean$ 100.0004/28/2022723 dChomakos, Andrea$ 250.0004/28/2022723 dShirkey, Jennifer$ 250.0004/28/2022723 dRadford, Mary$ 250.0004/28/2022723 dDanforth, Robert$ 100.0004/27/2022724 dJenkins, Lauren$ 250.0004/27/2022724 dFriedman, Patricia$ 100.0004/27/2022724 dJolley, John$ 100.0004/26/2022725 dZeydel, Diana$ 250.0004/26/2022725 dOsborne, J.$ 250.0004/25/2022725 dAkins, David$ 250.0004/25/2022726 dCaughman, Rita$ 100.0004/25/2022726 d

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