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Support The ACTEC Foundation 2022 Spring Derby

Support Jockey John Furniss on Per Stirrups
Created by: Furniss, John

$ 4,075.00
Goal$ 3,000.00

 Great Lakes Region's Per Stirrups


Per Stirrups has been racing the Great Lakes area tracks in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin and Canada (Central & Eastern) and is counting on the backing of the region.


The Derby will help The ACTEC Foundation fund scholarship and education in the trusts and estates practice. The Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition, the Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders Program, ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk and the monthly video series - Planning for a Diverse and Equitable Future - are just a few of the programs the Derby will support. Your bet will keep these initiatives viable.


Every $1 you donate moves Per Stirrups one yard closer to the Winners Circle! Per Stirrups, #10, can be identified by the orange and blue silks. I'm looking forward to claiming the third Foundation Derby Cup with your support!

Please help Per Stirrups win the ACTEC Derby's 2022 Race of the Regions with your donation, no matter how large or small, today!

McCrindle, Carlton$ 50.0005/23/202284 dSnyder, Susan$ 600.0005/23/202284 dShumaker, Roger$ 50.0005/19/202287 dFurniss, John$ 500.0005/19/202288 dMcKinnon, Deborah$ 50.0005/19/202288 dWeinewuth, Elizabeth Beth$ 50.0005/18/202288 dMcGraw, William$ 200.0005/11/202295 dHoffheimer, Daniel$ 25.0005/11/202295 dCloud, Jared$ 100.0005/11/202295 dNelson, Michel$ 100.0005/11/202296 dCaldwell, Randal$ 100.0005/11/202296 dButtress, Christine$ 100.0005/11/202296 dMalemud, Franklin$ 100.0005/11/202296 dWolven, Lauren$ 100.0005/04/2022103 dHunt, Christopher$ 250.0005/02/2022104 dChamberlin, Darcy$ 100.0005/02/2022105 dLanham, Jim$ 100.0004/29/2022108 dLamm, James$ 200.0004/27/2022109 dLoPrete, Robert$ 100.0004/27/2022110 dMonihan, Lisa$ 100.0004/27/2022110 dHoogendoorn, Case$ 250.0004/27/2022110 dBright, James R.$ 250.0004/27/2022110 dConway, Mark$ 250.0004/27/2022110 dCuller, M. Patricia$ 100.0004/26/2022110 dMoore, Karen$ 250.0004/26/2022110 d

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